Jabba and Bobby Konders formed Massive B Sound System over 10 years ago.

Since then, both have become prominent voices in both the reggae and dancehall communities through their HOT 97 weekend shows.

Jabba & Konders have become so popular that the annual HOT 97 On Da Reggae & Soca Tip concert was created to give a platform to the current dancehall explosion.  You can also catch Massive B weekly at Fire Sundays in Brooklyn at Empire 103 Nightclub.

Massive B also functions as an independent record label, putting out a variety of reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall music. Jabba currently hosts The Best of the Best, one of the largest Reggae-Dancehall festivals every Memorial Day Weekend, as well as the Reggae Love and Harmony Cruise every year in March and the Hip-Hop Summer Fest Cruise in June.

Massive B celebrate their anniversary every year in December, so Brooklyn, get ready!  Listen to Jabba and Bobby Konders provide commentary as they take you on a tour of the Caribbean with a mix of reggae, soca, and Hip-Hop music on HOT 97.

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