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“Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers” is our weekly show on HOT 97 discussing the toughest issues in our community. No issue is off-limits, whether it’s health issues, gun violence, police-community relations, racial stereotypes, or images of women.

As a full-time news reporter for FOX 5 News and a community volunteer, Lisa has access to a wide variety of contacts which she brings to the mics in her award-winning show. From rappers to reality tv stars, politicians to gang members, they all come in to debate the issues that matter most to the Hip-Hop community.

HOT 97’s “Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers” is a cornerstone of the station’s community outreach. Lisa and her team created the non-partisan voter registration drive called “Hip-Hop Votes,” which has led numerous toy and relief drives and, since 2011, has focused on alternatives to violence during her “Push4Peace” shows.

Lisa’s motto and famous show sign-off is, “Use your mind, it’s your best weapon. I hope it’s your only weapon. Let’s Push4Peace.”

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